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10Kw, 25Kw, 35Kw

        Our new, high efficient grid PV-inverter captures the full force of the sun!
Our latest innovations, the grid PV-inverters, take the suns energy and efficiently convert it into electricity for our homes, bringing the dream of a world powered by solar energy one step closer.



  • Transformerless Design
  • 95~96% conversion efficiency
  • Plug & Play
  • Compact Design
  • Fanless
  • ENS meet VDE 0126
  • Powerful Communication Interfaces
  • LCD Display
  • Easy operation
  • With Internal GFCI


■ Specification:
MODEL  Renergy 10Kw Renergy 25KW Renergy 35KW 
Output power 10000W 25000W 35000W
Max. power 11000W 25000W 35000W
Nominal DC voltage 360VDC
Max. PV open voltage 450VDC 450VDC 800VDC
MPPT range

          245V~720V                               300V~720V                           300V ~720V        

Working range

             320V~720V                           200V~800V                                   200V~800V         

Max. input current 13Ax3 13Ax9 13Ax9
Operational voltage range +-20%, depending on the country configuration
Operational frequency 50/60Hz, auto selection
Current distortion <3%
Power factor >0.99
Max. conversion efficiency >96.5% >96% >96%
Euro efficiency >95% >95% >95%
Protection degree IP65
Operation temp. -20~55℃
Cooling concept forced air cooling with fan
Heat Dissipation Convection
Acoustic noise level <30dB
Comm. Interface Standard RS232, Optional RS485 and others
W×D×H (mm) 455x585x155 826x460x508 826x460x508
Weight (kg) 40kg 108.5kg 108.5kg
※ The products specifications are subject to change without notice.