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Renergy Inc.has been devoted itself in developing premium renewable  energy  products,  especially in solar  and  wind grid-tie and  stand  alone  inverters  and  UPS  systems  in  the past few years.    Located  in Taiwan, we have very  strong  R&D  veteran originating   from   the   most   prestegious   electronics   companies including   the worldwide  No. 2  largest  UPS manufacturer and thus enable us to develop innovative and competitive product at the right time to meet the demands in the renewable energy market.
Recently, we  are  pleased  to  announce a full series of  PV Grid-tie  Inverter  from  1.5KW  to  10KW  and   off-grid  Solar Home  UPS  from 1.2KVA  to  10KVA system are  now  available  for  sales.   Besides,  our  PV Array Box  is destined  to  be  a  must  for PV grid tie system.  In our  road map, we  will   launch  solar/ wind  hybrid  gridtie inverter from 1KW to 3KW since 2007.



Our factory is located in Southern Taiwan.  We are the strategic partner of the some leading, worldwide well-known UPS manufacturers in offering them larger UPS OEM manufacturing service starting from 50KVA up to 600KVA.  Having more than 30 R&D engineers, we have a versatile team in developing state-of-the-art UPS, inverter and other power products.

Our factory has been a reputable and leading designer and manufacturer of standard & tailored-made UPS, Frequency Converter and Inverter in Taiwan.

By focusing the efforts on manufacturing safe, smart and stable products, we has successfully built up long-term relationship with many OEM / ODM customers from domestic & overseas market. Our high quality products and knowledgeable,  well-trained people stand ready to help our customers succeed.


Renergy is a market developer and always invent new products at reasonable cost to lead the market trend. Renergy has gradually upgraded technology from making small power units to producing more sophisticated & complicated power equipment to maintain its leadership.

In 1998, a new factory was established in Xiamen, China, and has built a reputation as the premier supplier of on-line UPS in China, a reputation based on the provision of superior quality products and after sales service
which has become the benchmark for the industry. This year our China factory has expanded production lines to operate capacity of about 50,000 units per month from 400VA to 10KVA.



Over the last 5 years, Renergy has produced more than 800 high power units with defective rate less than 0.4%. Because of our persistence on reliability, we have become the most reliable manufacturer among other Taiwan makers, and are capable of serving the customers in the field of Computer, Telecom, Power Plant Station, Semi-Conductor, Steel and Oil, Hospital, University, Air Force & Air Port, and other military, industrial & commercial sectors.
Dedicating to the environmental protection for Green Earth, Renergy has joint venture with government & private sectors to extend product ranges which will include Active Power Filter, Inductive Voltage Regulator, Solar Energy, and other power equipment relating to energy saving and zero pollution utility power.



Our Mission--3E


Starting from our mission of Power to Come, Renergy  will  spare no efforts
in  offering  the  best  solutions  for Energy, Environment and
Enlightened life style to make our earth sustainable.